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Are you familiar with the out of balance, overwhelmed feeling that comes with stress, when life can push you to the point where you seem to exist solely between your ears; when you seem to have delegated your body to the sole purpose of cranial transport?

This is where Reiki comes in. Reiki, applied in a warm, calming environment, helps you begin to let go of body tension and unproductive thoughts. It reintegrates your body with your heart and mind. The treatment consists of me laying my hands on your fully clothed body, transmitting a healing energy that has a quality of unconditional support. I channel the Reiki energy, I don't create it. In this way, we both witness where the Reiki will go. I am fully engaged and present to help you go about renewing on a deep level.


I have been practicing Modern Usui Reiki Ryoho for over twenty years. My Reiki teacher/mentors are Toronto's Lynn Jenkins and Tanya Kornobis. Reiki has an intelligence that is far beyond our capacity to understand. My approach is gentle, quiet, and grounded. I can also customize the Reiki treatment by combining it with massage therapy and/or reflexology in the context of a 90 minute treatment.

                                - By Appointment Only -

Jane Boyle Therapy

104 Hastings Ave.

Toronto, Ontario

M4L 2L2


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