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About Me

Jane Boyle, RMT, CYT

Dance is what inspired me to become an RMT. Having been a dancer in what now seems like another life, I know the importance of moving and how it supports my work.

Soon after starting my practice, I started my training in Goju Ru Karate. Several sprained fingers and a knee problem later I got my Brown Belt.


Having gained valuable knowledge about pain and its repercussions from both dance and Martial Arts, I gave up Karate and started Yoga. Within the next few years I became a certified Hatha Yoga instructor, a Reiki Sensei, and a Reflexologist. These disciplines inform and complement my massage practice.


I was a researcher in a 4-year study led by St. Jude Research, through the Hospital For Sick Children from 2012-2016. This study observed the effects of massage on child bone marrow recipients. I also worked for the Palliative Care Team at the Hospital For Sick Children from 2008-2013, and I continue year-round to privately contract comfort care for patients and their loved ones.


In 2017 I completed the Death Doula Contemplative End of Life Care Program at Toronto's Institute For Traditional Medicine and spent a year volunteering at Toronto's Journey Home Hospice, an end of life care facility for homeless people. I continue to work privately as a Death Doula. 

I enjoy teaching. I developed and taught courses in Chinese Acupressure, Anatomy,  Reflexology, Essential Oils, and Reiki. I facilitated these groups at Sheena's Place, a support centre for people with eating disorders (2001-2015) and in a self-care series for stressed out staff the Hospital For Sick Children (2008-2013). 


I am an anatomy geek, a fair weather cyclist, a forever student of yoga, a procrastinator, a streaming series binger, and a huge music fan.


                                                                               - By Appointment Only -

Jane Boyle Therapy

104 Hastings Ave.

Toronto, Ontario.  M4L 2L2.  


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